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Membership has it’s privileges

Whether you choose the Standard or Mastermind Membership you’ll be joining a community filled with resources, expertise, and the willingness to help you grow your startup. You’ll have access to our Core Advisor Resource Spaces, open discussions within the Founders Forum, Expert-lead workshops, and much more!


Standard Membership

Mastermind Membership

All Standard Membership Features PLUS

  • Mobile App 
  • Personal Member Profile 
  • Private Direct Messaging 
  • Connect w/Peers 
  • Book Club 
  • Videos/Blogs/Other Resources 
  • Advisor Channels 
  • Ask the Community through polls 
  • Assigned Community Mentor

Our community platform is full of useful resources that you’ll have access to 24/7. The best part is that more content, resources, people, and other benefits are being added constantly. You can leverage the power of a whole community to help you along your journey.

This assessment is full of wisdom. You’ll get an email with helpful tips in areas that have been shown to need a bit of improvement. These tips come from well vetted experts in their respective fields.  

Our monthly “get together” of founders and expert advisors that covers useful topics of discussion. From legal issues to HR or sales and marketing, these meetings are designed to help you expand your knowledge base. Every month covers a different topic and is driven by the needs of the community. 

In each power-packed hour, you’ll have the opportunity to tap into the wisdom of our seasoned expert advisors and thought leaders. They’ll lead captivating workshops and presentations, delving into crucial topics that can shape the destiny of your emerging or growing company.  

One of our advisors or community mentors will give you a virtual walk-through of the platform and give you insights on how to make the most of your membership. This is your first glimpse into the welcoming, inclusive community. 

We have partnered with Founder Way, for action-based guidance and personalized AI feedback to help startup founders grow from idea to first customer. This allows you to get instant help at your own pace. Ask us how to get you started for free! 

Every opportunity should be taken to market your company and our very own podcast is a way to do this for free. As part of your membership you’ll be asked to appear and chat about and promote your experience as a startup and talk about your venture.  

The “boost” means we spend a little money to make sure your message reaches even more people than our members and subscribers alone.  

Solve REAL problems with the help of your peers. This is a practice as old as capitalism and is very impactful, you hold yourself and others to a higher standard and keep commitments designed to move your business forward. You can search out these groups costing hundreds, even thousands of dollars per month or come join one included in your membership! 

Spend time going over your assessment line by line, if necessary. Most importantly, you’ll have an action plan to make an impact on the sections that need the most attention from you. You’ll also get potential direct introductions to others that can be helpful in this process. All in all, a very good opportunity to create a path to success. 

This role acts as a hub for all your collaboration needs, the organizer of your GrowthCraft interactions, your single point of contact for collective activities. Usually this will be an advisor deemed vital to your success, which can change over time as your needs change.  

You’ll have a 30 to 60-minute session with one of our experts. They can assist you with ideas, overcoming challenges, steering clear of pitfalls and obstacles, offering support, and, if necessary, providing constructive criticism. This can not only cover what you’re aware you need to know but also unveil aspects you may have never contemplated. 

Group sessions led by one of our experts. This is a bit different than a workshop though. Rather than a designed, prepared presentation you’ll have an open dialog with a GrowthCraft expert. Think of it as Business Group Therapy! Get real answers to tough questions that you may not be the one asking…but you still get to learn. 

The complete details of this are not going public (at least not yet). But what we can tell you is that there is a mechanism in place that you, a startup founder, can get this membership for FREE…yes…FREE. Just ask and we’ll schedule a time with one of us to discuss the process with you. 

Business audits are a useful tool to get a baseline of where you are, compare yourself to benchmarks, and highlight areas of improvement that need to be addressed before you can really take off. Prices for our audits are already reasonable but as a Mastermind Member you’ll get a 20% discount on your first audit and 25% on every one after that! 

Curious to know what happens when you join?
Here is how we get you started!

Step 1

Take the GrowthCraft Startup Assessment.

Step 2

Once you're onboard, you'll be connected to a Community Mentor.

Step 3

Your Community Mentor will help introduce you to the Community and to our resources that meet your immediate and long-term needs

Step 4

Your Community Mentor will suggest a Lead Adviros who will help you prepare a profile of your venture to share with Advisors at GrowthCraft.

Step 5

You'll be introduced to the most relevant Advisors.

Step 6

You'll meet with appropriate Advisors individually to review and talk about strategy.

Step 7

Advisors will craft an Action Plan to guide your venture's success.

Step 8

Your Lead Advisor will review your Action Plan and help you plan to work with each Advisor you choose to engage, plus your Lead Advisor will monitor progress toward milestones in your startup journey.