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Ventures that thrive know that founders and startup teams can’t do it alone. To effectively build, gain traction and scale profitably, startups need the support and guidance of those who can shorten the path, ignite ideas, open doors, and help avoid potential pitfalls.

If you are an innovation entrepreneur, we invite you to join the GrowthCraft Startup Community. You’ll gain access to the right people and the necessary resources to nurture your vision. Connect with expert advisors and entrepreneurial peers ready to help you identify needs and opportunities and offer insights to advance your startup’s progress.

Other Features

  • Expert Advisors & Consultants

    As part of the GrowthCraft community, you will have access to our core team of experts, representing nearly every major area that startups need and an extensive roster of additional coaches and consultants.

  • Content & Essential Resources

    Streamline your search for quality resources with our continuously updated one-stop list comprising top-notch articles, blogs, videos, and expert content, curated by our team and leading global experts from website.

  • Programs & Panels

    Throughout the year, we offer insightful programs on topics that are tailored to interest both early-stage and growth-stage startups. Check regularly and stay updated for a schedule of upcoming events.

  • Courses, Bootcamps & Webinars

    Learn from those who’ve been-there-done-that. Explore a range of workshops, master classes, webinars, and courses led by our team & global thought-leaders, covering essential topics in diverse venture areas.

  • Founder’s Book Club

    Join our online discussions about important books that startup founders should be familiar with. Open dialog that will help you implement the concepts in these books & insights from people who have both succeeded and failed.

  • Mastermind Groups

    Join teams of like-minded entrepreneurs in peer groups and expert-led think tanks. Collaborate, share insights, and cultivate meaningful connections within the GrowthCraft community.


GrowthCraft’s holistic approach connects your startup’s advisors & consultants together to collaborate as an extension of your organization.

Imagine having your service providers, all on the same page and using a joint approach to ensure alignment with your needs and purpose. Imagine them all brainstorming to help bring your vision to the next level… now imagine all this happening without your prompt, without excessive energy on your part. Beyond the scope of their individual services, imagine them working as a unified, coordinated team to uncover opportunities for your growth!

We recognize the expansive power of collaboration and understand that advisors & consultants, working together, can have a far greater positive impact on a startup’s success than unconnected ones. Instead of hiring separate service providers that are unrelated, you can rely on GrowthCraft advisors who will collaborate in your best interests to help your startup grow, scale, and thrive.

Early-Stage Assessment

Are you ready to present your startup to the market?
Would investors consider an investment in your startup to be too “high-risk”?

Take our assessment to see how you stack up. This in-depth analysis of your business and readiness will highlight your strengths and provide insight into areas where you may need more support. In addition to getting your risk score, you’ll receive an automated follow up email with the assessment questions, your answers, and our suggestions about what to do to secure the areas where you fall short.