About Us

GrowthCraft Startup Community


To be the most meaningful connection in the entrepreneurial journey.


Through collaboration, we connect entrepreneurs to the support and guidance they need to mold their vision into thriving, purpose-driven companies.

Guiding Principles

  • Connect entrepreneurs to the startup ecosystem.
  • Guide members to all available resources.
  • Advance effective social missions.



We are a group of professional advisors, and consultants. We are service providers in the business of guiding startups through their various stages of growth. We recognize that the probability of success increases when a team thinks with a common mindset, has similar goals, and is willing to share resources. And when that team aligns, when they collaborate, organize, and communicate without dysfunction, that team can achieve the grandest of visions. When startups engage with us, we become a part of their team.



The community’s membership is made up of startup advisors, as well as startup founders & leaders. We share resources while building the platform, together. We mentor those who need mentoring. We collaborate and inspire each other to succeed. And when appropriate, we make introductions to the investors and other startup ecosystem stakeholders that can help open doors.


Startup Members

Are you GrowthCraft material? If you are a startup founder or leader, and you believe in our mission and vision, then we invite you to join the community.

GrowthCraft is a Public Benefit Corporation.

If you are wondering what in the world is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), don’t worry, you are not alone. And since the GrowthCraft vision is to be the most meaningful connection in the entrepreneurial journey, it is our pleasure to introduce you to the concept.

A PBC stands out in the for-profit business landscape, bringing a unique flair – it’s equally committed to societal benefit as it is to profit-making. Unlike a typical C Corporation, whose main focus is to maximize shareholder value, a PBC embraces a broader purpose. Its strategic choices are made with an eye on everyone involved – shareholders, employees, customers, local communities, the environment, suppliers, partners, and society at large. PBCs blend the pursuit of profits with a zest for creating positive impacts, proving that serious business goals can coexist with fun and positivity!

Deloitte (the big four global accounting firm) conducted research that highlights the effectiveness of purpose-driven companies, akin to PBCs, in the business landscape. According to their findings, companies that integrate societal benefits into their business models not only achieve higher growth rates and market share gains but also enjoy a significantly higher level of employee loyalty compared to their competitors. Remarkably, these organizations report 40% higher workforce retention, demonstrating the strong impact of a socially responsible business approach.

Impact and Effectiveness of PBCs

Balancing Purpose & Profit

And if that report leaves you so inspired, the organization Business of Purpose has compiled dozens of statistics showcasing the benefits enjoyed by purpose-driven businesses. They offer a compelling narrative that consumers are more loyal to brands with purpose, so they outperform the market, and their employees will sacrifice income to work there, while performing more productively.

At this point, are you convinced? Are you ready to go out there and change your corporate structure to a PBC so you can align yourself with social good? Well….. not so fast. If you seek to raise capital to grow your startup, traditional investors may see this move as a potential risk to financial returns. The market might perceive you as more focused on social goals than on profitability, which could impact your company’s valuation and attractiveness. If you are aiming to scale rapidly, the additional considerations and potential constraints of a PBC can be a hindrance compared to the more flexible traditional corporate structure. Furthermore, in decision-making you must consider the impact on public benefit as well as shareholders, which can lead to conflicts and complicate governance. Becoming a PBC is a serious commitment that requires very careful consideration.

GrowthCraft is deeply dedicated to advancing social missions, seeing this not merely as a goal but as a fundamental guiding principle. Our advocacy extends beyond encouraging entrepreneurs to embrace and cultivate their social missions; it encompasses a broader perspective. We aim to open the hearts and minds of investors and the broader market about the substantial societal improvements that arise from supporting and investing in mission-driven ventures. This commitment reflects our belief that business success and social progress can and should go hand in hand, creating a positive and lasting impact on the world.

In the meantime, you don’t need to become a PBC to do good and align yourself with social benefits. Every business, regardless of its structure, has the power to make a positive difference. By adopting sustainable practices, engaging in community initiatives, or simply operating with integrity and consideration for all stakeholders, your business can contribute to societal well-being. It’s about the choices we make and the values we uphold. So, let’s all strive to make a positive impact, in whichever way we can, to build a better and more sustainable future for all

Championing Social Impact